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A snow-white and healthy smile is not only confidence in your health and beauty. Today she is already the hallmark of a successful person. You call the disposition of the interlocutor at the first glance. Needless to say, a beautiful smile helps you manage your impression of yourself. We are convinced of this!

In order for your smile to always be perfect, she also needs care. How can you preserve or restore a smile to its former beauty?

Every day food, coffee, tea, smoking leave plaque on the teeth, which, even with proper daily brushing, cannot always be removed. Over time, this plaque hardens and turns into tartar. This process is not fast, but it happens every day.

To maintain a healthy smile, it is necessary to get rid of plaque and tartar in time

Why it is important to remove plaque and tartar

Tartar creates a favorable environment for pathogenic bacteria that cause inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, including caries and periodontitis. Gradually increasing, it descends deep into the tooth socket, forming voids or periodontal pockets. As a result, the tooth loses stability, begins to wobble and may fall out.

Dental plaque is a source of infection not only for the oral cavity, but for the whole organism.

That is why preventive examinations and dental cleaning are important for both adults and children. Children's teeth are still forming and the way you look after them will now determine what your child's smile will be in 5-10 years.

Air-Flow cleaning

Air-Flow cleaning

How to get rid of plaque and tartar

Removing calculus is the first step in professional teeth cleaning. It is produced by a hygienist with special instruments. The procedure is absolutely safe for tooth enamel. The teeth become lighter and get their original color. After removing tartar, teeth are polished and mineralized.

As a result, you eliminate the causes of caries. Also, professional teeth cleaning can even restore the natural shade and smoothness of the teeth.

In more detail about all stages of professional teeth cleaning you you can find out in this article

How often to professionally clean your teeth and why

According to the recommendations of the international association of dentists, it is necessary to undergo professional oral hygiene once every six months, this allows you to timely prevent the development of caries and its complications at an early stage.

Regular professional dental care is essential for both adults and children.

Make it a good habit to have a preventive check-up and professional dental cleaning every six months. Set an example for your child and enroll the whole family.

It is also imperative to brush your teeth before installation of crowns or veneers, because it allows you to choose the right color and perform high-quality work on installing a crown or veneers.

What will we do for your health?

No less important when carrying out professional teeth cleaning are the individual recommendations of a hygienist doctor: selection of oral care products, drawing up a plan of preventive measures, teaching the rules of daily hygiene.

All these recommendations you get when you visit us. As well as a compliment from the clinics "German Dentistry" Those who brush their teeth regularly and take care of their health have a special price for professional oral hygiene

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