Teeth Whitening

It has been proven that people with a snow-white smile appear younger than their age. And also, a radiant smile enhances the status of its owner in the eyes of other people. But over time, coloring substances from food penetrate the enamel surface and change its color. Teeth whitening allows you to restore freshness and beauty to your smile.

Food and bad habits aren't the only reasons. The overall health of the body also affects the color of the teeth. And if the health issues of the whole organism are not easy to solve quickly, then the issues of habits can be solved very quickly.

Good habits: daily oral care, regular visits to the attending physician for professional hygiene, including removing tartar

Bad habits: frequent consumption of coffee, tea and other drinks that have strong coloring ability. Heavy smoking.

How to fix the situation

Teeth whitening comes to the rescue - a unique dental procedure that allows you to achieve a cosmetic result in a short period of time, making your smile dazzling. The indication is the presence of discoloration of the teeth or the desire to make your teeth lighter.

Professional teeth whitening consists in a number of activities and provides for the development of an individual course of whitening by a dentist. The dentist conducting the teeth whitening controls the process throughout the entire time, making adjustments to the indicated course if necessary.

It is important to know!

Before performing teeth whitening, a prerequisite is consultation with a hygienist and professional teeth cleaning... It is necessary to remove plaque, calculus, over and subgingival deposits, as well as choose individual hygiene products to strengthen the enamel of the teeth.


Office ("in-room") teeth whitening

Has a completely different principle of action than the advertised toothpastes, which promise a dazzling smile. The action of "whitening" pastes lies in the abrasive properties of the paste itself. At the same time, enamel is often damaged during brushing, and the whitening effect is practically invisible.

otbelivanie ofisnoeDuring the teeth whitening procedure at the dentist, a substance based on hydrogen peroxide is used. If all the necessary conditions are met, the whitening effect is achieved without damaging the enamel. Only the most famous brands, such as the American brand BEYOND, can boast of a unique balanced formula, in which special compounds are used with an active whitening component that well control the sensitivity of the teeth. This type of teeth whitening allows you to achieve discoloration of the teeth, or an individual tooth taken, many times over in a short time, and the effect obtained will last for a long period.

otbelivanie domashnee

Home teeth whitening

It is used exclusively to brighten living teeth, provided that the color changes are not excessive. This type of whitening is based on preparations of a gel-like structure, the active components of which are carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

The doctor preliminarily takes impressions of the patient's dentition and thin transparent polystyrene mouthguards are made from them. The patient receives a tooth whitening product, a case for storing a mouthguard and detailed instructions. To achieve the whitening effect, fill the trays with gel and follow the directions in the instructions. As a rule, mouthguards are worn at night.

The percentage of bleach and the duration of the procedures are determined by the hygienist individually for each patient. To maintain the result obtained, home whitening is also used after the office ("cabinet")

In our clinics, the teeth whitening course is carried out under compulsory medical supervision. Subject to the indications, proper preparation and medical supervision, this procedure is absolutely safe. Based on many years of experience, knowledge and wishes of the patient, our specialists will select the optimal color formula for your new smile

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