Teeth alignment

Beautiful and healthy teeth are not only an aesthetic component of your appearance. Even if you do not strive for perfectly straight teeth in order to smile like a movie star, you should think about correcting the bite just for the health of the whole body.

It has been scientifically proven that even minor malocclusion anomalies affect the functioning of the entire dentoalveolar system, the gastrointestinal tract, and can also lead to headaches.

To restore an even dentition, braces are used, they are also called braces.

The reasons for the wrong bite

Let's name the most common ones: abnormal growth of teeth and displacement of teeth after tooth extraction. This is especially true in childhood when removing milk teeth.

A child's body from 3 to 12 years old develops very quickly. Not only teeth grow, but the entire jaw. It is this period that bears the greatest risks.

If you did not keep track of the milk tooth and had to be removed, then very mobile milk teeth along with a rapidly growing jaw begin to take up the vacant space. The entire jaw row is displaced and the place where another molar should have appeared will either be occupied or will be deformed. As a result, the likelihood of problems with correct bite is very high.

How to prevent malocclusion?

It is easier to prevent a problem from arising than to heroically solve it.

That is why we recommend doing preventive examinations and professional teeth cleaning, Especially for babies, every 6 months.

Why is that? A child himself still cannot clean his milk teeth properly, and adults do not always treat this issue with due attention. Nevertheless, healthy milk teeth are the key to the correct development of molars and this cannot be neglected.

If the issue of bite correction still arises

Correction of dentoalveolar anomalies is an individual process. The doctor determines the most effective method using special diagnostic methods. If we talk about age, then the ideal time is while the teeth are still growing. At this time, they are most susceptible to correction and are well mobile. You can use braces from 9-10 years old, and optimally from 12-13 years old. It all depends on the individual development of the child and his dentition.

Bite correction is a long process, but it gives excellent results not only in adolescence. Even after the formation of a permanent bite, dentition defects can be corrected effectively as well.

Depending on individual indications, braces are worn from one to two and a half years. And after their removal, the same amount of time will be needed to consolidate the result with the help of a retention device - a removable device that must be worn 12-14 hours a day. During the treatment period, you must visit the orthodontist every three to four weeks.


The nuances of wearing braces

  • Avoid solid and viscous foods to avoid unnecessary exposure to braces
  • More thorough teeth cleaning. The presence of braces will make it difficult to access part of the tooth surface, and it is extremely important to keep your teeth clean and healthy.
  • The first few weeks you will have to get used to braces.

But this is a small inconvenience for a smile that shines with health and beauty. Moreover, bite correction takes about two years, and you will enjoy a radiant smile all your life!

What kinds of braces are there?

Braces come in different types and can be made of metal, ceramic, plastic and even sapphire. Sapphire, cut in a special way, refracts light, and therefore braces (unlike metal and plastic ones) are practically invisible, do not cause discomfort in the mouth and do not break diction.

Before installing braces

The first step is a consultation with an orthodontist, who will give recommendations based on your individual characteristics. As a result, you will be able to make an informed decision.

The next step is to definitely carry out dental treatment and professional cleaning of the oral cavityto exclude the development of caries while wearing a bracket system.

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The cost of bite correction

Fixation of metal braces/ for 1 jaw UAH 17 (EUR 000)
Ceramic (sapphire) braces fixation / for 1 jaw UAH 23 (EUR 800)
Fixation of metal braces Damon Q / for 1 jaw UAH 23 (EUR 800)
Fixation of ceramic (aesthetic and unobtrusive) braces of the Clear system / for 1 jaw 34 000 UAH (1000 euros)

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