Medication sleep (superficial sedation with nitrous oxide)

If you have not yet heard about dental treatment with medication sleep, you will be pleasantly surprised, because now taking care of a healthy smile will be associated exclusively with positive emotions.

In addition to the comfortable painless treatment, the specialists of "German Dentistry" set out to eliminate the unpleasant psychological factor that often accompanies the path to a healthy smile - excitement, or even fear. In the modern world, there are too many reasons for nervous tension, and a beautiful smile should definitely not be one of them.

What is medication sleep?

Medication sleep used in German Dentistry is not anesthesia, but superficial sedation with nitrous oxide. This is a state of relaxation and calmness, in which you can carry out the most productive treatment, and immediately after it return to your usual business - to get behind the wheel, or go to a meeting.

Nitrous oxide is also called "laughing gas", this method has long been used in the best clinics in the world, and is recommended for dental treatment for both children and adults. The gas used does not cause side effects or allergies, has a neutral taste and smell, and is almost immediately eliminated from the body. Unlike anesthesia, during sedation, a person is conscious, can interact and communicate with a doctor.

Sedation is especially relevant when treatment of several teeth is planned. It will be quick and easy, and you will save time on visits to the dentist. For young patients, very often, this is the only way to carry out several dental procedures at one time, since it is very difficult for them to sit in one place for a long time, or they are stressed.

How is dental treatment with medication sleep performed?

Nitrous oxide enters through a special mask that is put on the patient's nose, while breathing is not disturbed and remains normal. The specialist determines the dose of the substance for each patient individually, and can change it during treatment.

Breathing in "laughing gas" feels calm, relaxed and emotionally comfortable. The effect of nitrous oxide continues only when it is inhaled through the mask, after the end of the dental treatment, the mask is removed and the sedation stops.

Note that medication sleep has only a mild analgesic effect and does not preclude the use of local anesthesia.

Benefits of sedation in dentistry

  • does not require preparation
  • does not require diagnostic studies (since the method is safe)
  • removes the fear of dental treatment (especially important for patients with increased anxiety)
  • helps with increased gag reflex
  • practically eliminates discomfort during the introduction of local anesthesia, enhances the effect of pain relief
  • relieves the child from fear of the dentist and negative associations with dental treatment
  • can be used by children from 3-4 years old

When is drug sleep not recommended?

  • individual intolerance
  • SARS or other causes of impaired nasal breathing
  • acute otitis media
  • high intracranial pressure
  • pregnancy
  • children under 3 years of age (the child must deliberately allow him to put on the mask and talk to the doctor)

Try a new level of anti-stress dental treatment, without side effects and in a good mood. The specialists of "German Dentistry" will ensure comfort and safety at all stages of your visit to the clinic.