Dental implantation

The restoration of the dentition after the loss of a tooth is very important from both the aesthetic and physiological sides. This is especially true if a tooth in the smile zone is lost.

Modern dentistry is able to solve both aesthetic and functional problems of correct occlusion

Dental implantation is the most reliable and aesthetic method for restoring lost teeth. Dental implants are absolutely biocompatible and function as a tooth root, on which a crown is fixed after implantation.

Moreover, after engraftment, the implant will serve throughout life.

The success of restoration of the dentition with implants is 96-99%, however, the key factors are:

  • The quality of the biocompatible material from which the dental implant itself is made.
  • Implant surface treatment technology.
  • The uniqueness of the shape and coverage of the implant.
  • Professionalism and modern knowledge of an implantologist.

When choosing a manufacturer of implant systems for our patients, we preferred Swiss quality and reliability.


"German Dentistry" is an authorized partner of the company Straumann, with access to the unique innovation and technological capabilities of the world's best implant manufacturer. With Straumann implants we can really cope with any problem and guarantee an excellent result for a lifetime!

Advantages of dental implantation over crowns and prostheses


  • no grinding of adjacent healthy teeth required
  • the volume of the bone and the attached gums is preserved, which prevents the development of dentoalveolar deformities
  • no need to pulp them, which is done quite often when turning teeth under crowns
  • neighboring teeth are not overloaded when chewing, because do not take on the chewing load for a missing tooth
  • complete replacement of a removable denture with metal-ceramic structures on implants
  • Even with complete edentulousness (missing teeth) - with careful planning, the aesthetic dental structure (prosthesis) can be precisely fixed on the implants

Don't postpone your health for later!

The absence of even one tooth changes the nature of the chewing movements. As a result, the chewing load on the entire jaw and teeth changes, which gradually leads to further changes - it is more difficult to thoroughly chew food, and this affects digestion and its absorption by the body. This gradually affects the health of the whole organism. Therefore, the sooner you restore the correctness of the dentition, the better it is for the health of the whole organism.

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How much should one implant cost if it is a premium class and a world standard like STRAUMANN?

In German dentistry clinics, the cost of the best technology is available. Thanks to the official partnership with the best company in the world, we have a special price for the most technologically advanced implants in the world - 700 or 850 euros (one of the best implants in the world) Yes and all inclusive... We will describe in detail the cost and benefits below in this article.

Why we chose STRAUMANN implants

The highest rates of engraftment

The implant engraftment rate is influenced by the material from which it is made, as well as the surface of the implant, its shape and connections with the dental crown.

Unique implant alloy - ROXOLID

Straumann manufactures implants from a proprietary titanium-zirconium alloy - Roxolid. Scientific studies have shown that replacing titanium with Roxolid led to an increase in implant engraftment rate by 2% (from an average of 96,8% to 98,4%). On the one hand, 2% is not enough, but on the other, it is a 2,5-fold reduction in risks!

Agree that in such a responsible decision as investing in your health and beauty, it is much more important to get the desired result with minimal risks and be sure that you have chosen the best for yourself!

Unique implant surface - SLACTIVE

SLActive stimulates the healing process, improves blood supply to bone tissue, reduces inflammation and accelerates bone formation. All this reduces the time of implant engraftment by 2 months and increases the probability of engraftment to 99-100% even in difficult cases.

Affordable price and benefits

Considering our long-term cooperation with Straumann, we can offer our patients special implant prices. You pay solely for the result, and as a compliment from the clinic, you receive a free gingiva shaper setting for all types of implant systems. This stage is very important from the point of view of the correct formation of the gums around the future tooth. In other clinics, it is paid additionally.

International guarantee - for life

The manufacturer is so confident in its products that it provides a lifetime warranty for its products (not treatment). This means that for any implantologist anywhere in the world a new implant or any component of the system will be delivered free of charge, which is necessary to resolve any issue of the Patient. No one will be left without professional support, regardless of where they travel and how long after the operation.

With all the many positive aspects, dental implantation requires preparation, and in some cases it has contraindications, which are determined individually in each clinical case by the attending physician. The possibilities of modern medicine make it possible to successfully eliminate most of the contraindications, if they are not absolute.

What are the guarantees in "German Dentistry"?

Guarantees are our professional open position. You can learn more about the warranty and service life of dental implants and new teeth that do not differ from healthy and natural teeth. find out on this page of the site.

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Cost implantation teeth

Option A -One of the most technologically advanced Implants STRAUMANN ROXOLID (one implant placement + healing cap) 23 800 UAH
(700 euros)
A.1. All inclusive: Implant STRAUMANN + abutment (implant-crown connector) + metal-ceramic crown 44 200 UAH
(1300 euros)
A.2. All inclusive: Implant STRAUMANN + abutment (implant-crown connector) + crown all-ceramic, instead of metal-ceramic! 54 400 UAH
(1600 euros)
Option B Budget implant European class  (placement of one implant+ gingiva former) 17 000 UAH
(500 euros)
B.1 All inclusive: Budget systems implant + abutment (connecting element implant-crown) + metal-ceramic crown 37 400 UAH
(1100 euros)
B.2. All inclusive: Budget systems implant + abutment (implant-crown connector) + crown all-ceramic, instead of cermet! 47 600 UAH
(1400 euros)

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