Tooth nerve removal

Toothache is considered one of the most severe. But it's not the tooth itself that hurts. Pain is often caused by a condition in the tooth nerve. Removing a tooth nerve is the saddest procedure for a dentist because it means that it is no longer possible to save a tooth. And although the tooth may remain in place and serve for a very long time, it will already be dead.

Reasons for tooth nerve removal

In most cases - advanced caries, when the walls of the tooth become so thin that even the installation of a filling may not help due to the strong sensitivity to temperature changes or pressure on the tooth when eating.

Also, the reason may be:

  • bacteria penetrated from a deep carious cavity
  • tooth injury, impaired circulation, nerve damage
  • exposure to bacteria through a crack in a tooth
  • periodontal disease

How is the treatment

The essence of the root canal treatment is to remove the pulp and the dental nerve. After their elimination, the dental cavity is cleansed and processed, and then the canals are filled. Anesthesia ensures that the treatment is painless.

In our clinics, only advanced technologies and the best medical protocols perfected to nuances are used, therefore, the treatment and filling of the tooth canals will be as comfortable and absolutely safe for your health as possible.

It is important to know!
Poor treatment during root canal filling leads to early tooth loss, since not only the tooth itself becomes inflamed, but also the surrounding bone tissue.

The methods of treatment, equipment and instruments used in our clinics allow us to save even severely decayed and infected teeth. A high level of professionalism teams guaranteed to prevent complications leading to tooth loss, serious diseases of soft and bone tissues. After all, your smile and trust are our concern!

A tooth reconstructed by endodontic treatment is always better than a replaced one - such a tooth can function, often without causing repeated problems.

If you have any doubts about the condition of your tooth, we strongly recommend getting an examination. In the early stages, most situations are resolved quickly and easily, and after receiving specialist advice, you can make the right decision.

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