Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a separate area of ​​dentistry, which takes into account all the features of the child's body and the psychological component of working with children. Therefore, it is very important that it is the pediatric dentist who treats the child's teeth, who knows how to turn the process into an exciting game.

The child's first visit to the dentist forms the child's further attitude towards dental treatment and proper oral hygiene. Not without pride, we note that we manage to make the child himself want to visit his dentist next time. Sit in the doctor's chair as if you were your best friend.

Unfortunately, sometimes parents mistakenly believe that baby teeth do not require special care, because they will fall out anyway. But the health of permanent depends on the health of milk teeth. And the correct bite depends on the correct order and timing of changing milk teeth.

First visit to the pediatric dentist

It is best if the first visit to the dentist is preventive.

If this time has already been lost, then it is important to tell the child the truth. For our part, we do everything to ensure that the treatment is painless and very interesting for the child.

For almost two decades now, the specialists of "German Dentistry" have easily coped with any task, choosing the most effective approach. At each stage, a specialist of the required field of dentistry, who is most competent in the existing problem, is connected to the treatment. This team approach has proven to be effective, and your child will make more dentist friends who will act as "Fairies of a Healthy Smile."

When working with children, completely different tools, materials and medicines are used. In addition, not everyone, even the most qualified dentist, will be able to work with children, since in addition to a brilliant knowledge of dentistry, a pediatric dentist must also have the skills of a psychologist, it is easy to establish contact with a child.

Dental care is fun!

We will teach you proper hygiene and prevent dental problems

Specialists of "German Dentistry" not only treat existing dental problems in children, but also do everything necessary to prevent the development of new ones! We will teach the child and parents the correct oral hygiene, tell and show with the help of special indicators what a high-quality dental cleaning is. We will only meet for good reasons!

But if necessary, we can easily eliminate even the consequences of children's hobbies, such as, for example, cycling:

And also, we will invite children to educational and fun holidays, which are organized by our friendly team:

Let the visit to the dentist be remembered by your child as an exciting journey into the world of high technologies and kind tooth fairies, with whom it is pleasant to chat.

Meet our Tooth Fairies and feel free to make an appointment with your baby!

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Let the world be filled with happy children's smiles!

Get to know the entire team of German Dentistry.

The cost of dental treatment in children

Removal of dental plaque. We preserve children's smiles! 1000 UAH
Filling of a milk tooth.
The all-inclusive price includes:
 "Magic" anesthesia + tooth isolation with the "Cofferdam" system + tooth restoration + recommendations
1000 UAH
Endodontic treatment of a milk tooth.
The all-inclusive price includes:
 "Magic" anesthesia + isolation of the tooth with the "Cofferdam" system + sealing of the root canal system + restoration of the tooth with a temporary composite
1 200 UAH
Present for the Tooth Fairy: removing a milk tooth while maintaining health! UAH 1

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