Professional oral hygiene

A set of procedures for removing dental deposits, polishing the surface of teeth and remineralizing them.

Artistic restoration of teeth

Tooth restoration technique that preserves their anatomy, aesthetics and function.

High quality teeth whitening

A procedure aimed at whitening teeth up to 8 tones. It is carried out in the clinic. Does not damage tooth enamel.

Timely endodontic treatment

An endodontist treats root canals and bone inflammation around the apex of the tooth.

Complex treatment of periodontal diseases

A complex of preventive and therapeutic procedures aimed at improving the ligamentous apparatus of the tooth.

Pediatric Dentistry

A special approach to treating children and why it is necessary.

Surgical dentistry

Emergency and planned dental surgery. Working with wisdom teeth.

Dental implantation

Ways to restore lost teeth.

Dental prosthetics

How the functions and structure of lost teeth are restored.

Orthodontics: correcting bite

The most modern methods for correcting malocclusion and malposition of teeth.

Modern cosmetology: emphasis on skin and hair

Competent mesotherapy for skin and hair to complement your perfect look.