We are a young, energetic and promising team of German Dentistry. We are looking for positive and forward-looking colleagues who want to make decisions exclusively in the interests of patients and work in a unique professional environment.

Our requirements for dentists:

  1. At least 5 years of work experience (exclusively private dental practice).
  2. Valid confirmation or upgrade certificates.
  3. Documents confirming professional growth - participation in practical workshops, seminars, conferences (foreigners are especially welcome!)
  4. Digital evidence of their work (photos, X-rays, intraoral images, etc.).
  5. Ability to think clinically and make decisions in a team.
  6. Knowledge, understanding and practical knowledge of modern technologies / methods of diagnosis and treatment.
  7. Willpower and desire to learn.
  8. Positive thinking.
  9. Additional knowledge, interesting hobbies are of great importance!

What we promise:

  1. Official employment.
  2. Friendly and unique atmosphere.
  3. European working conditions.
  4. High salary with a bonus system.
  5. Full employment and pleasure from work :)

Our requirements for customer care staff and physician assistants: 

  1. Professional experience of working with patients and clients of private medical institutions - at least 2 years
  2. Basic knowledge and use of medical terminology.
  3. Knowledge and skills in service.
  4. Healthy lifestyle.
  5. Ability to express thoughts (orally and in writing, in Ukrainian and Russian).
  6. Ability to make decisions and take responsibility.
  7. Ability to persuade.
  8. Ability to solve problems.
  9. Positive thinking and vigor.
  10. Creative skills.

Additional knowledge and skills that are of great importance in the selection of candidates and affect the level of fees:

  1. Any medical knowledge and skills.
  2. Knowledge of a computer is an advanced level.
  3. Skills and skills of working in social networks.
  4. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​and any additional education.

If YES, then please send your resume by mail:


Or you can call :)

Direct telephone number: 067 657 29 45 and 050 977 49 47