The network of dental clinics in Kiev and Kharkov "German Dentistry " we build on a single value system that all our admirers love. Indeed, thanks to her, we build trust, which develops into friendship and a healthy and happy smile for the whole family!

Our values

Always healthy!
Our body is a single whole and the state of health of each part affects all others. Our mission is to ensure oral health and it is much more than just dental treatment. Yes, there are situations in life when an urgent temporary solution is required and we help our clients with this. But the first priority is to ensure health in the future. Therefore, dental treatment, consultations and preventive examinations by our specialists are aimed at ensuring that your smile always radiates health, joy and self-confidence.

Our clients are our friends.
In our work, we set ourselves the task of making your visits to the dentist comfortable preventive examinations and minimal procedures for oral care. Meetings not only with a doctor, but also with a friend. And good friends are always greeted with a radiant, healthy smile.

All the best!
Technologies do not stand still, dentistry is developing very quickly. We use every opportunity to expand our skills and knowledge to keep pace with the times. This attitude to the level of education of our entire team guarantees you the best solution even to difficult situations!

Important for us - good for you!

Honesty and openness in everything - Friends, this is primarily about honesty and openness. Therefore, honesty and transparency for the client is very important to us. We open all the cards and give full information about possible treatment options and consequences so that our future friend can make the only right decision for himself and be satisfied with it. This is the first important step towards mutual trust between dentist and client.


Principle: "Clear value" - the list of provided medical services is agreed in advance. Hidden payments are excluded. We strictly adhere to this rule in the provision of single and multi-stage dental care and believe that this is the second step on the path to trust.


Team Approach Principle - Turning to your doctor, you get access to the unique knowledge and experience of each of our specialists and our team as a whole. This allows you to choose the most effective solution even in the most difficult situations and minimize the likelihood of medical errors in diagnosis and treatment. And this is the third step on the road to trust.


All inclusive principle - You pay only for the services rendered, and not for visits, minor services, manipulations and visits to doctors. If you wish, you can make a full prepayment for complex and long-term treatment on special terms of the clinic.


Pay-for-performance principle - Accurate diagnostics, high professionalism and the provision of complete information about possible scenarios for the development of events guarantees you obtaining the results agreed initially. Dentistry without surprises is what everyone wants, and for us this is a principled position!


At the first meeting

Our task is to carry out the first diagnosis as accurately as possible, to tell the state of affairs now and possible scenarios for the development of events by stages.
In some cases, treatment requires adherence to a schedule of doctor visits. Therefore, it is extremely important before starting to coordinate our actions taking into account your plans for vacations, business trips and other important events in your life. Agree that you would like to get a beautiful smile before the wedding or vacation, and put braces after.

The first critical step - examination before surgery.

Includes visual examination and full diagnostics (X-ray or computed tomography). This allows you to draw up a primary picture, assess the state of affairs and determine the options for the development of events.

Why do we focus on this?

Not always everything can be seen in the picture. In difficult situations, hidden nuances are possible, which can entail additional costs of both money and time. That is why we consider it extremely important to give the client as complete information as possible before making a decision.

In our practice, there were cases when this was exactly what guaranteed success, and we became friends! Here is one such example:

We were approached by a man who leads an active lifestyle. When planning treatment, the doctor drew the patient's attention that after its completion the next 14 days active physical activity is contraindicated. It turned out that the man wanted to finish everything before going on a hike to Mont Blanc! Obviously, if we had not warned him about this at the first stage, then the whole treatment would have been exposed to great risks and would have to start over. And this is, at the very least, spoiled rest and disappointment.

Thanks to the doctor's care for the patient and the long-term result of treatment, everything went predictably and clearly. The choice was made in favor of a temporary solution before the trip and continued treatment after it. This is a prime example when time and relevance were much more important for the client than the cost of treatment.

That is why the first meeting and the correctly completed first stage are so important!

Keep this in mind and tell your plans when you visit the dentist.

For our part, we are always ready to find the most suitable solution for you, which will bring you not only excellent results, but also positive emotions both during and after treatment. That is why they recommend us to their friends and acquaintances, they trust us to take care of the health of their children.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.
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