When and how to brush your teeth correctly

As you know, teeth need to be brushed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, but, often, when doing morning oral hygiene - before or after breakfast, everyone decides for himself individually, based on his own preferences. What is actually better for dental health?

So, in favor of the fact that you need to brush your teeth BEFORE breakfast, the following says. Lots of bacteria build up in your mouth overnight. They produce plaque and are a source of unpleasant odors. To prevent the results of the vital activity of these bacteria from entering the body with morning coffee, your teeth must be brushed before breakfast.

There are also arguments in favor of brushing your teeth AFTER breakfast. After eating food particles remain on the teeth, which, by the way, serve as an excellent breeding ground for all the same bacteria. Therefore, morning oral hygiene should be carried out after breakfast - by thoroughly cleaning out the remnants of food, you can at the same time get rid of the results of the night accumulation of bacteria.

Teeth cleaning techniques:

Universal teeth cleaning technique

With the brush at a 45-degree angle to the surface of the tooth, make 10 strokes from the gum down to the cutting edge. Repeat for each section of two teeth. Brush the inside of your chewing teeth in the same way. To clean the inner surface of the front teeth, hold the brush perpendicular to the cutting edges and only move it forward. Brush the chewing surfaces of all teeth from front to back. Brush the teeth of the lower jaw in the same manner. Finish brushing with a gum massage. To do this, close your mouth and use a circular brush to grab your teeth and gums. This massage is contraindicated if you have foci of inflammation on the gums or oral mucosa.

Gentle brushing method

Position your toothbrush perpendicular to the surface of your teeth. Move vertically from the gum to the incisal edge. After closing your teeth, brush their cheek surfaces with a back and forth brushing motion. Open your mouth and brush the inside of your teeth in the same way. This method avoids damage to the gums.

Brushing your teeth for gum health

Close your teeth, position the brush perpendicular to the buccal surface of the teeth and perform circular motions. Open your mouth and brush the inner and chewing surfaces of the teeth in a circular motion: first on the upper and then on the lower jaw. This method can only be used by those who do not have periodontal diseases.



The whole process of brushing your teeth should take at least 2-3 minutes.

Proper oral hygiene involves not only brushing your teeth, but also cleaning the surface of your tongue. Indeed, on it, as on the surface of the teeth, many bacteria accumulate and plaque is formed.

It is important to remember that brushing your teeth with toothbrush should be complemented by the use of special dental floss - floss.