Dental implantation in Kiev

A healthy and beautiful smile is the hallmark of a successful person. But sooner or later, any of us is faced with the problem of tooth loss. This leads to psychological discomfort, aesthetic deficiencies and functional disorders of both the dentition and the malfunction of the entire human body.

Dental implantation was able to solve the problem of tooth loss, observing all the necessary requirements for the correct restoration of the dentition without harm to healthy teeth. It is rightfully considered the most promising, relevant and demanded area of ​​modern dentistry and prosthetics.

Dental implantation implies the implantation of a rod made of high quality medical titanium into the bone tissue of the jaw. After its successful engraftment, an abutment (the element that connects the crown with the dental implant) is placed on the nail and the crown is attached to it.

dental implant

The main advantage of dental implantation, which has been successfully practiced all over the world for more than a decade, is the ability to fully replace the missing tooth with an artificial one, without the need to grind adjacent healthy teeth, as is the case when installing bridges. Also, it is preferable to use implantation if several teeth are missing, since a conventional prosthesis often leads to speech defects, impaired food perception and has an unnatural appearance.

In the absence of several consecutive teeth, the implant is used as a support for fixing the bridge, again without turning the adjacent healthy teeth. In the absence of teeth (edentulous), implantation eliminates the need to wear a removable denture. Restoration of teeth using implantation guarantees a reliable fixation, a natural appearance, a correctly distributed chewing load and, with appropriate care, an almost unlimited service life.

Dental implantation, like any surgical intervention, has its own contraindications, but only some of them are absolute, due to serious diseases. In most cases, after consulting a specialist, it is possible to draw up a list of necessary measures to prepare for dental implantation.