We work for a high-quality result, which is guaranteed by a responsible approach to fulfilling our obligations. First of all, guarantees for us are our open professional position.

The table below shows the warranty and service life. This information will allow you to correctly evaluate the services offered.

Service Warranty Life time
Restoration from composite materials 1 year 5 years
Ceramic restorations (inlays, onlays) 1 year 5 years
Classic metal-ceramic crowns 3 years 7 years
Highly aesthetic ceramic crowns 3 years 10 years
Crowns (permanent) on implants 3 years 10 years
Temporary plastic crowns 1 месяц
Dental implant (dental) 3 years  throughout life

In matters of personal health and beauty, trust and confidence in the result are important. And the choice of clinic is often made based on the opinions of people you trust. We know this, because many new patients come to us precisely on the recommendations of their friends, colleagues and partners.

It must be said that "Warranty" and "Service life" are different concepts. But in medicine, they are often used for advertising purposes without specifying what they are talking about.

Warranty - this is a commitment to the Patient that the dental structure fixed in the oral cavity (tooth restoration, crowns, implants or veneers) will perform its direct functions, maintain its integrity and strength. Otherwise, they will be redone completely at the expense of the clinic

Life time - this is a period of time in the world dental practice, during which, if properly handled, dental structures will continue to perform their functions, while maintaining their strength, integrity and specified aesthetic parameters.

In medicine, the concepts of guarantees are often manipulated, especially with regard to treatment and / or cure. However, there is no guarantee of cure in Western medical practice. Civilized clinics and doctors use clear concepts of "prognosis", "expected result" and "statistics of successful interventions and operations."

Which of the options: artistic restoration, crown or implant Your doctor will be able to advise you more.

Having studied your situation, the characteristics of the body and lifestyle during the consultation, we select the most suitable solution. Therefore, we pay special attention to First meeting and First stage.

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