How do we ensure the safety of our patients' reception?

In all clinics "German Dentistry"used multi-stage security system. For your peace of mind and confidence, we will tell you about its main features and benefits.


1. All patients and guests of the clinics, as well as employees, spend every day temperature screening.

2. All visitors and staff of the clinic  in protective masks.

3. Distance between visitors to the clinic at least 1,5 meters.

4. Surface treatment and door handles with disinfectant solution - every 3 hours.

5. Hand treatment. Professional antiseptics and hand sanitizers are always available for you at the entrance to our clinics and toilet rooms. Disposable medical gloves are in the waiting area for visitors. Reception staff are always ready to help and tell you about our safety standards

Preparation for admission. Cleaning and disinfection dental offices before and after admission is carried out in accordance with the adopted Uniform Standard. We use exclusively original disinfectants. No analogues and dubious manufacturers. For each type of processing, its own line of professional products is used!

STERILITY. Sterilization of instruments necessarily takes place in several stages:

  • chemical disinfection with special solutions of long and short action and their clear consistency in use
  • thermal treatment in medical thermodisinfectors, which are professional analogs of dishwashers. We use Miele medical equipment. The temperature at which medical instruments are cleaned is 94°C. The duration of one complete cycle is 90 minutes. Most clinics neglect this step and wash the instruments by hand under running water.
  • Packaging in kraft bags and hermetically sealed in special packaging machines.
  • After packaging, all instruments are placed in special autoclaves and processed at temperature conditions of 121°C and 134°C. We exclusively use autoclaves of class B, in which the sterilization and drying cycles are carried out using fractional vacuum and lowering the pressure below atmospheric for maximum effect on the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses. The duration of one cycle of sterilization in an autoclave is at least 1 hour.
  • Quality control of sterilization using special tests and indicators.
  • All dental instruments and nozzles that doctors use on dental equipment must go through all stages of disinfection and sterilization processing

Disinfection and sterilization of hoses and lines of dental equipmentthrough which water, air is supplied during treatment. We follow the European safety standard, thanks to which all lines inside the equipment are automatically disinfected. To do this, physician assistants and hospital safety staff follow a special protocol and activate special functions. The human factor is excluded. All stages take place automatically.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) 

All employees of the German Dentistry clinics use medical protective masks. Each visitor is issued such a mask without fail.

Doctors and medical personnel always use N-95 class masks and respirators, transparent protective shields, disposable medical clothing over our uniforms. Such means provide a reliable physical barrier from the point of view of the safety of reception for both the Patient and the Staff.

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is regulated by our algorithms, which are based on international American CDC standards, British British Public Health, Italian protocols of admission and treatment of patients, recommendations of the leading European dental associations, World Health Organization (WHO)


At the reception and the visitor lobby, all our clinics use equipment with ultraviolet radiation... These devices are located on the wall in the upper part of the room, using special Phillips germicidal lamps, they generate a wave of a certain length of 253,7 nm. Shielded radiation creates a permanent protective layer in the upper layers of indoor air. Pathogenic microorganisms, viruses and bacteria are rapidly destroyed due to the movement of air masses of different temperatures.

Air ventilation... The automatic equipment ensures high air exchange especially in patient rooms and public areas. Additionally, between appointments, we air the dental offices for 15 minutes. Due to the large air exchange in the upper layers of the premises, the process of purifying the air with ultraviolet light is accelerated.


Ultraviolet disinfection technology air, water and surfaces is based on the bactericidal effect of UV radiation. In fact, this is a method based on physicochemical reactions that lead to irreversible damage to the DNA and RNA of microorganisms. As a result, bacteria and viruses that fall under the influence of this radiation almost instantly lose their ability to reproduce (become inactivated). Ultraviolet is almost completely absorbed by oxygen and ozone in the uppermost layers of the atmosphere; therefore, microorganisms cannot develop resistance to it, which makes ultraviolet disinfection a very relevant and reliable technique.

Only through the correct combination and use of the above physical and chemical methods of treatment and disinfection of air, water, surfaces, highways, sterilization of instruments, the use of personal protective equipment can ensure the high safety of Patients in modern conditions. We call this the BLUE SAFETY STANDARD OF "GERMAN DENTISTRY"