The child's first visit to the dentist

Studies have shown that nearly 8 out of 10 parents neglect the recommendation to regularly see their children to the dentist. 79% of the parents surveyed are waiting for their children to grow up to 1 year old before taking them to the dentist, 5% are waiting for their children to grow up to 5 years old. Less than half of the parents (47%) of those with children under 16 take their children to the dentist every six months.

The first tooth appears in a child around 6 months of age. Dentists warn parents that the development of deciduous teeth should not be overlooked as they serve as the basis for the emergence of permanent teeth.

zubiirot-218Many parents do not know about the risk factors for caries, gingivitis, stomatitis, as well as the pathology of the bite, when and why to take the baby to the dentist. To find answers to these questions, of course, you need to visit a pediatric dentist who will help, advise and, together with you, describe the state of your child's oral cavity.

In world practice, the first visit to pediatric dentist occurs with the appearance of the first tooth in the child's mouth, somewhere in 6-7 months, unless, of course, you had to come earlier about a short frenum of the tongue or the occurrence of candidal stomatitis. Unfortunately, in our country the society is poorly informed, there is no educational work, and this is our fault.